Ciranova Unicare X-Matt 750ml

Product: Ciranova Unicare X-Matt
Item: Matt Lacquered Floor Cleaner
Application Information: Easy to apply & solvent free
Application: Microfibre cloth or Mop
Thinning (If Necessary): Water
Coverage: 60-80m2/litre
Tool Cleaning: Water
Bottle Size: 0.75Ltr
Price Per Bottle: £37.50 (1L)

1-2 days


An easily applicable, fast drying, waterborne protective coating for use with Ciranova’s New Plus Range finishes, UN1CO 2C Oils and any matt lacquered surfaces. Ciranova Unicare X-Matt can also be used on laminate and LVT surfaces. Ciranova Unicare X-Matt protects the finished surface and prevents premature wear of the surface coating.

Coverage: 60-80m²/ltr

How To Use

Please see Technical Datasheet

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