Ted Todd Careline Maintenance Kit - Care System 2



Care system 2 cleaning kit for wooden floors with a natural oil, hardwax oil and restoration oil finish. For oil based finishes such as restoration oil or burnished hardwax oil, we have designed a simple system to care for your floor. Clean with Soft Clean. Deep clean with Intensive Clean. Restore with Oil Replenish.


Floor Care Kit Contents

  • 1 Litre Floor Care Soft Clean
  • 1 Litre Floor Care Intensive Clean
  • 1 Maintenance Mop Head & High Quality Microfiber Mop Pad
  • 1 Pack Of Protective Pads (Assorted Sizes)
  • Maintenance Instructions Included


How To Use - 1 Litre Careline Soft Clean

Careline Soft Clean is a nourishing detergent suitable for the regular cleaning of wooden floors. Soft Clean both cleans and nourishes wooden floors due to the special formula which contains treatment oil. If used regularly Soft Clean keeps the floor looking even and enhances the woods natural beauty.

Shake well before use, dilute 10 capfuls of Soft Clean in 1 litre of water. (1 litre of Soft Clean in 5 litres of water) and wash the floor with a well wrung out cloth. Let the floor dry completely before walking on it. Recommended frequency: 15/30 days. If the floor is very dirty, use Careline Intensive Clean first.


How To Use - 1 Litre Careline Intensive Clean 

An intensive cleaner with a unique plant-based formula for the intensive cleaning of wooden floors treated with natural oil. If used regularly, Careline Intensive Clean effortlessly removes even the toughest dirt.

Shake well before use, dilute 3 capfuls of Intensive clean in 1 litre of water. Wash the floor with a well wrung out cloth, recommended frequency: 30/60 days. After cleaning, apply Careline Soft Clean nourishing detergent. 


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