Ted Todd Primerfast 6kg

Product Code: ACCSUB01
Description: Fast drying odourless polyurethane primer, solvent and water free
Finish: Unfinished / Natural Oiled / Colour Matched
Mixture Ratio: Single component (Ready to use)
Application: Roller / Brush
Hardening: 45 - 50 minutes
Size: 6kg
Priceæ        £117.99 
Delivery        1 - 2 Days


Also available in 12kg 

Primerfast is a single component polyurethane primer which is solvent and water free.

It is used to prevent rising damp in absorbent sub-floors (2-3 coats) and to consolidate friable sub-floors (1 coat).

It is suitable for use on either absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, including anhydrite.


Clean the foundation to be treated and eliminate any trace of oil, grease, wax or paint spots. The subfloor must be free from cracks. Apply one coat of Primerfast with a 6/8mm roller or a 3x13cm or 4x14cm flat brush (120-150g/m²) in a uniform way to create a thin film ensuring that pooling does not occur. After 45 minutes apply a second coat of Primerfast, following the same procedure. MS Flex Adhesive must be applied within 24 hours.

Primerfast Technical Datasheet


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