General FAQs


Frequently Asking Questions

Why choose us?
With decades of experience, we supply and install beautiful wooden floors to exceptionally high standards, where no detail goes un-missed, and no finish is compromised.

We deliver our RENOWNED service:

Reliable - We do what we say we will when we say we’ll do it.

Experienced - We have over 18 years’ experience working with wood flooring

- Specifically, the right lifelong floor is our speciality!

Never Compromising – on quality & service.

Our brand - Is built on trust, honesty, and integrity and this runs through our core.

We are passionate – We make a living doing what we love.

Never underselling – the price we give is our best price.

Exceptional installers – We employ flooring artisans not general joiners – we have a small but mighty team.

Distinguished – Our reputation speaks for its self.

I've seen instances where floors have faded over time. How can I prevent this?
Wooden floors change in colour and appearance over time and for various reasons. Sunlight, incorrect cleaning, and poor maintenance can all affect the visual appearance of a wood floor. We are often asked whether a UV finished product will prevent sun bleaching. However, this is not the case. In general, there is very little that can be done about these changes. To minimise this problem, you should follow the cleaning & maintenance advice provided at the time of purchase and regularly uplift rugs for a few days to allow the floor to naturally develop.
The installation cost is more expensive than my local builder / tradesman. Why is that?
All our installers are time served craftsmen. They are flooring specialists, not general joiners or builders and they truly understand all particularities of wood flooring installation. They will carefully and meticulously execute every cut, joint and finish to perfection. Nothing is rushed or compromised, and they aim for excellence in every installation, every single time.

As wood is a natural product it can go dramatically wrong if installed incorrectly so when analysing your builder’s quote always make sure that the costs provided are “like for like” and cover everything.

How long will my wood floor last?
Depending upon usage and how well you maintain your new floor it should last a lifetime.
Is everything included in the supply and fit price?
Yes. All our quotations (unless stated) provide a cost for your new floor from conception to completion. Our costs usually include sub floor preparation works (if required), supplying and fitting your floor using the process most suited to your subfloor, the removal & refitting / replacement of skirting boards, adjustment of doors, architraves and frames, doorway transition thresholds, radiator pipe ferrules and all ancillary works such as adjusting plinths and end panels in kitchens and the removal and refitting of fixed furniture.

All we ask you to do is remove as much of the furniture and personal belongings as possible and carry out any minor touch ups required to skirting boards upon completion (where applicable).

Do you provide a warranty for my new floor?
Yes. All of our floors come with a 1 year fitting warranty and between a 1 year and lifetime manufacturer’s product warranty depending upon your chosen product.
Why is your fitting warranty only 1 year?
It would be impossible to provide a fitting warranty for longer than a year as each new owner of a wood floor is different and it would be impossible for us to regulate how our clients are cleaning and looking after their floors. In addition, we know that should a floor fail due to incorrect installation it will usually do so within the first 6 months of installation so a warranty of 1 year should cover all eventualities.

Our teams will only install a wood floor if the conditions within the property are suitable at the point of installation and as such they always complete a thorough inspection of the conditions prior to commencement. Comprehensive testing of parameters such as humidity, moisture and temperature all affect the installation of a wood floor so you can rest assured that your flooring has been installed with the promise that it will be “fit for a lifetime”.

If you have underfloor heating we can offer an extended 8 year fitting warranty with our Fidbox installation. Please ask for more details.

Can you offer a supply only service?
Yes of course. If you would like to discuss your options please get in touch by calling 01325 952329 or visit our supply only page to find out more.
Can you price match with an online store?
In some instances (on a supply only basis & when the product is like for like) we can look at matching with other online prices but this is not guaranteed.

When considering our price, don’t just consider the physicality of our pricing. The “value” in your price cannot be quantified in the price tag alone.

We provide an exceptional service to our clients including measuring, quoting, providing expertise, allowing for the loan of large samples, timed white glove delivery, product and installation warranty and much more than any other online store can offer.