Ted Todd Careline Intensive Maintenance Polish 1Ltr - SALE 50% OFF - *Applied at checkout*

Product: Ted Todd Careline
Item: Intensive Maintenance Polish -  Matt or Gloss
Application Information: Easy to apply & solvent free
Application: Cloth
Thinning (If Necessary): Water
Coverage: 1 Litre/40-70m2
Tool Cleaning: Water
Bottle Size: 1 Ltr
Price Per Bottle: £32.00
Delivery: 1-2 Days

Also available in 5 Ltr

For Varnished, Lacquered & UV Oiled Floors

Careline Maintenance Wax is a pre-metallized wax for the maintenance of abraded floors. Due to its polymeric structure, it gives the surface a glossy and even aspect. The film of Careline Intensive Maintenance Polish-Gloss is characterised by long lasting, hard wearing, transparent and non-slip properties.

How To Use

Please see Technical Datasheet - Matt or Technical Data Sheet - Gloss 


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