Ted Todd Careline Polish 1Ltr

Product: Ted Todd Careline
Item:  Polish 
Application Information: Easy to apply & solvent free
Application: Cloth
Thinning (If Necessary): Water
Coverage: 1 Litre/40-70m2
Tool Cleaning: Water
Bottle Size: 1 Ltr
Price Per Bottle: £25.00
Delivery: 1-2 Days

Ted Todd Floor Care Polish (Care System No 1)

Ted Todd Floor Care Polish is a blend of industrial waxes for polishing varnished wood floors. It leaves the floor with high anti-slip and anti-static characteristics.

It restores and nourishes at the same time, leaving a pleasant and hygienic smell.

How to use

Suitable for use on varnished floors, lacquered floors and UV oiled floors.

Shake well before use. Dilute 3 capfuls of Polish in 1 litre of water. Using this solution, apply evenly with a soft cloth and wait until completely dry (20-30 minutes). Polish the surface with a soft cloth.

How To Use

Please see Technical Datasheet


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