Ted Todd Endurance 5Ltr

Product: Endurance - Duo fine matt lacquer
Application: Buffing Machine
Thinning (If Necessary):
Coverage: 14-16m2 per litre
Surface Dry Time: 5-10 Hours
Total Dry Time: 1 Week
Storage: 1 Year
Size: 5.5 Ltr (5 + 0.5Ltr)
Price Per Tin: £166.50

1-2 days


Ted Todd Endurance is a two component odourless water based lacquer with natural wood effect. Extremely high abrasion, stain and sole mark resistance features, effective for high traffic areas.

Natural look with matt appearance. Gloss level of 8%.

UV absorption with no discolouration due to sunlight exposure.

Extra performance with no need to prime beforehand.

Can be applied over coloured oil. Non-rafting qualities.

Suitable for residential to heavy commercial.


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