Ted Todd Hard Wax Oil 90 (Low VOC) 1Ltr

Product: Ted Todd Hard Wax Oil 90 (Low VOC)
Application: Buffing Machine
Thinning (If Necessary): Turpentine
Coverage: 30-35g per m2 
Surface Dry Time: 8-12 Hours
Total Dry Time: 1 Week
Storage: 1 Year
Tin Size: 1 Ltr 
Price Per Tin: £79.00

1-2 days

Ted Todd Hard Wax Oil 90 is the latest improved hard wax oil from with very low VOC (under 10%) due to the reduced solvent content. It is based on a blend of natural oils and waxes and gives the wood floor a natural, low sheen and tough finish.

Soft to touch, whilst being tough and wear resistant.

Excellent water repellence. 45% Gloss level.

Suitable for residential and light commercial.


The maintenance for wooden floors treated with Hard wax Oil 90 should be done with the Careline range of products: Careline Soft Clean.

How To Use

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