Ted Todd Oil Wood Traffic 5Ltr

Product: Ted Todd Oil Wood Traffic
Item: Super Matt
Application Information: Easy to apply & self-leveling
Application: Roller/Brush
Thinning (If Necessary): Turpentine + Diluent DRV1
Coverage: 100g/m2
Mixed Ratio: Single-Component
Bottle Size: 5 Ltr 
Price Per Bottle: £140.00

1-2 days

Also available in 1 Ltr
Oil Wood Traffic is a new concept single-component oil-based urethane surface finishing product characterised by a superior anti-scratch and abrasion resistance. It gives the wood floor a warm and soft appearance whilst providing a highly durable, hydro repellent water and other liquid drops don't affect the surface. Incredibly easy to apply and flawless finish (no orange peel, overlapping or bubbles) make Oil Wood Traffic the ideal finishing solution for any wood floor.
Mainly suitable for domestic and medium commercial application.
Available in Satin Matt (25%), Matt (15%) & Super Matt (<10%)
How To Use
Oil Wood Traffic is ready to use when applied to sanded and carefully vacuumed wooden floors. After 24 hours, and the first coat with a 220 grit abrasive paper and apply the second coat. Its easiness of application allows you to obtain a surface that is absolutely free from any kind of defect (roller marks, surmounts etc.) Sand between the first and the second coat within 48 hours. if the second coat is being applied after 48 hours, it is necessary to use a 180 grit abrasive paper.
Oil Wood Traffic Technical Datasheet
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