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Bitchumin Backed Interlayer & Vapour Barrier Underlay

Fitting Requirements: Roll Out
Size: 1mm x 1000mm x 25 metre (25m2 coverage)
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The design and manufacture of all Ted Todd wood floor accessories is specifically and exclusively for their own hardwood floors. The accessories are an intrinsic part of their hardwood floors. They recommend that customers always use their accessories with hardwood floors. This will guarantee you the perfect installation and maintenance every time


Sisalkraft 728 is polythene coated waterproof Building paper meeting the requirements of BS 1521 A1F.

It is used as a waterproofing/ weatherproofing layer in Building construction, and for temporary protection and separation where a tough, water resistant material is needed. The black polythene surface gives excellent water resistance and low adhesion to other building materials-can be used as a separating layer and shuttering liner in concrete work.


Sisalkraft 728 is polythene coated waterproof building paper, with two plies of kraft paper laminated together with bitumen, reinforced with glass fiber yarn and coated on one face with black polyethylene.


Sisalkraft 728 is a flexible, tough material with one face of unbleached (brown) paper, the other face coated with black polythene, and reinforced with a regular, grid pattern woven reinforcing.

Technical Data

Basis Weight (g/m2) 327 g

Tensile Strength -MD 16.5 kN/m -CD 9.0 kN/m

Fixing/Site work

Store rolls before use on end on a clean, dry surface protected from the weather. Material should not be unrolled if the temperature is below 5'C as the adhesive will become brittle and may crack.

Depending on application, Sisalkraft 728 is laid over flat surfaces or fixed to studwork, formwork or similar. It may be stapled, nailed or fixed with self-adhesive tapes.

Use the membrane with the black coated side exposed for improved water resistance or from release from concrete in shuttering lining.

Sisalkraft 728 can be folded, and cut easily using a knife or scissors. The bitumen adhesive will tend to seal around nails or other fixings to maintain a water and water vapor tight construction.

Edges should be overlapped by at least 100mm, and if the installation is intended to be waterproof or water vapor- tight the seams should be welted or taped using a durable self-adhesive polymer tape.

Sisalkraft 728 is not intended as a primary weatherproofing layer and should be covered by other materials if wet or windy weather is expected.


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