Ted Todd T&G Adhesive - £10.20

Description: Special adhesive for gluing the tongue & groove when floating engineered floors. Product is solvent free.
Colour: Transparent
Mixture Ratio: Single component
Coverage: 20 - 30g per m2
Hardening: 4-6 Hours
Size: 500ml
Price: £10.20
Delivery: 1 - 2 Days


Ted Todd T&G Adhesive is a single-component adhesive which contains no solvents. Suitable for gluing between tongue and groove of pre-finished wooden or laminated floors that have been laid on a "floating setting". Due to its excellent water resistance and thermal stability, it is also suitable for carpentry work, for gluing bathroom fittings, kitchen surfaces, windows etc.

How To Use

For gluing grooved floors, spread the glue on the upper part of the groove and put it immediately on to the other part ensuring maximum damp proofing on the glued areas.

For other uses, spread T&G on one or both sides that are to be glued and press for about 20 minutes. Remove any glue residues from the floor and work tools immediately with hot water.


 Tongue & Groove Adhesive Technical Data Sheet


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