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Your Ultimate Wood Flooring Design Studio!

In 2024, we are proud to introduce a groundbreaking concept in wood flooring right here in the North East of England – The Vault. As a small but mighty flooring store, we offer an exquisite collection of over 300 sample boards, providing you with endless possibilities to create a flooring masterpiece for your space.

What sets The Vault apart is our exclusive partnership with the Canadian tech giant Roomvo, bringing you state-of-the-art visualisation tools that redefine the way you experience wood flooring.

Imagine being able to see your chosen flooring in your own home within seconds – an unrivaled level of realism that removes all guesswork and ensures you make the perfect choice.

Our Wood Flooring Design Studio is not just a store; it’s an immersive digital experience. With 1000s of combinations at your fingertips, you can compare products side by side and visualise them in your space. No more second-guessing – at The Vault, you get to scan it, see it, and buy it.

The Vault operates strictly by appointment only, ensuring that every visit is a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your needs. 

Floor Design Studio
Why choose The Vault?
Immersive Digital Experiences
Step into our Wood Flooring Design Studio and bring your room to life digitally. Visualise products in your own space with unparalleled realism.
Extensive Collection
Explore our collection of 300 sample boards and discover 1000s of possible combinations to suit your style and preferences.
Time-Saving Convenience
No more wasting time wandering through endless aisles. With our visualisation tools, you can make informed decisions quickly and hassle-free.
Expert Specification & Technical Advice
Our team of experts is here to provide you with the guidance and technical advice you need to make the right flooring choices for your space.
Convenient & Flexible Visiting Hours
Enjoy the flexibility of visiting The Vault at a time that suits you, making your wood flooring journey convenient and stress-free.
Less Overwhelm
Experience wood flooring shopping with less overwhelm at The Vault. Our carefully curated selection and intuitive visualisation tools ensure that you make decisions confidently and enjoyably. Say goodbye to the stress of too many choices and embrace the simplicity of finding your perfect wood flooring solution.

At The Vault, we’ve redefined the wood flooring shopping experience. Scan it, see it, buy it – your dream floor is just an appointment away!


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The Vault operates strictly by appointment only, ensuring that every visit is a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your needs. Call or Email us to book your unique shopping experience.