It’s no doubt that wood floors are a stunning addition to any home. Stylish, timeless and effortlessly chic, they’re a real talking point and often become the focal point of the room they’re in. But with these long wintery nights and chilly days, how do you ensure that those rooms don’t seem cold?

It’s not necessarily a case of just putting the heating on or lighting the fire. Indeed, making a room too hot or humid can actually damage your wood floor. Instead, opt for some sneaky decor tricks that give the illusion of warmth and cosiness and your rooms will feel welcoming, no matter what the weather!


Vibrant, exciting colours like mustard, terracotta and pea green bring a real warmth to a room and create a relaxed atmosphere. This can be in the form of feature walls, fabrics, furniture, or art and plants.


Rugs, cushions, curtains and blankets are a great way to add personality and excitement to a room. Using patterned fabrics like tweed and tartan can make a space feel more homely, but in a smaller room it can feel a bit overcrowded if overdone.

A rug placed strategically in front of a sofa so people’s feet are on it feels warm and cosy – they can also help to break up a large space in a bigger room. Deep pile rugs feel snuggly, but can be a little problematic to keep clean if you have pets or children! Avoid rubber or foam-backed rugs as these can discolour the floor – instead, use an approved vinyl rug underlay mat to keep the rug in place.


Different types of texture such as leather, velvet, satin and exposed stone or brickwork can make a room feel much more open and friendly. Opt for textured lamp shades and large cable knit cushion covers for quick wins here.

If you don’t have exposed brickwork, there are some really great wallpapers available in this exact style, in several different colours, which make for a fantastic feature wall!


Soft and dim lighting is a surefire way to achieve warmth. Reading lamps, uplighters and arty LED twigs or vases add a real cosy atmosphere. Avoid harsh, bare bulbs and stark light as this can feel clinical and cold – even in the middle of Summer!


It’s strange how smells can bring back memories and evoke particular feelings. Scents like cinnamon or mulled wine feel especially comforting. Anything woody or earthy works too. Use drops of essential oils in pot pourri, an oil burner, incense sticks or scented candles but take care if you have pets or young children. Be sure to keep these products well away from the wood floor too as they can mark, burn or stain the boards.

Added touches

To complete your room’s look and really make the most of your wood floor space, add some finishing touches like indoor plants (cheese plants grow quickly and are super easy to take care of), stylish ornaments such as oversized old fashioned glass lanterns, and centrepiece furniture such as a coffee table.

Wood floors last a lifetime and outlive every change in style. They can be dressed up or down, kept simple or enhanced, and all while retaining their original grace and beauty. Let us know if you’d like any advice with regard to cleaning and maintaining your wood floor – our experts are on hand to help.

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