TimberTech2 2mm Silver Plus Underlay

Product Code: 5060227650520
Description: Rubber / Fleece & Vapour Barrier Underlay
Fitting Requirements: Roll Out
Size: 2mm x 1000mm x 10 metre (10m2 coverage)
Price: £72.50
Delivery: 1-2 Days


The TimberTech2 Silver Underlay is one of the highest quality room acoustic insulation materials on the market.

Its extremely high density (weighing a whopping 25kg per roll!!) the integrated fleece and aluminium vapour barrier makes it ideal for domestic and contract installations. The aluminium barrier protects wood flooring & laminate flooring against moisture damage caused by residual dampness migrating from the subfloor.

TimberTech2 Silver Plus evens out slight surface irregularities of the sub-floor and has excellent impact sound and airborne noise insulation properties.

  • Density 950kg/m_
  • Impact sound reduction 20dB to BS EN ISO 717-2
  • Thermal Conductivity at 10'C 0.036W/m k to DIN 4108
  • Temperature stability 75'C
  • Thermal Resistance 0.018-0.016W/m k at 10'C to DIN4108
  • Maximum compression load <2.50kN/m_ to DIN EN1606

Key Features

  • High quality room acoustic insulation
  • Extremely high density
  • Vapour barrier
  • Aluminium barrier protects against moisture damage
  • Domestic and contract use
  • Sound reduction properties
  • Evens out any irregularities of the sub-floor

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not suitable for installations on underfloor heating

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